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Cleaning Services

  • Maintenance & office cleaning
  • Glass & store front cleaning
  • Speciality & deep-cleaning
  • Construction finish clean-up
  • Hotel Services
  • Washroom services

Support Services

  • Reception & switchboard
  • Moving services
  • Mail & parcel service

Property Service

  •  Maintenance
  • Property care services
  • Garden – & landscaping services
  • Winter services

Catering Service

  •  Employee & guest mess hall
  • Bistro & snack service
  • Conference service
  • Vending service

Security Service

  • Facility & property protection
  • Event security
  • Mobile security services
  • Reception & doorman services

Personal Services

  • Temporary staffing
  • Recruitment

TKFS donates for war victims in Ukraine
and the Middle East

Once again this year, we at TKFS and on behalf of our customers, we have decided to donate the budget earmarked for this purpose to those affected by the ongoing conflicts in Ukraine and the Middle East instead of the usual annual Christmas gifts.

We would like to make a contribution to helping people in these regions in difficult times and providing them with support.

This decision reflects our desire to take responsibility together and have a positive impact on the world around us.

We would like to thank you and everyone involved for your support in this important measure.

Certificate Ukraine

Double certificate

Middle East certificate


We have been offering customized facility service solutions in all relevant areas for 21 years. Our Munich location offers an excellent starting position for our nationwide service offerings. Our employees share our core philosophy regarding eco-friendliness, our high quality standards and our unified work approach. We are an ISO certified company and guarantee you a high degree of flexibility and reliability.


    Your health is as important to us as our own. As a certified member of the “BAVARIAN ENVIRONMENTAL COALITION” we are keeping our promise to conserve resources and to act responsibly.


    The strategic selection of our suppliers in the sectors of consumables and commercial equipment assures you of the highest quality. We select the market leaders and thereby keep the environment and your and our own health, as well as that of our employees in the forefront of our focus. Compliance with DIN standards and the implementation of quality standards in our procedures are a given for our employees. Continuous, no-cost-spared training of our cleaning staff and project leaders ensures that you receive high-quality services, which is not always guaranteed in our industry.

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